Friday, May 28, 2010

Final Blogging Challenge!

I've written about a total of 25 posts that all have to do with this blogging thing from school. They were all school based other than like maybe 2 because we had to more write them about ourselves but they were still class based. The amount of comments I received from people on my blog would probably be about 15'ish, I didn't have too many people comment on my stuff because I didn't make it that public. The post with the most comments would be the one when I said something about school that was a little bit negative and some people commented on it telling me that school is good for me in the long-run. I enjoyed writing all the posts that I could write about things that I personally liked not the ones about things i personally wasn't interested in. The one where we picked a whole bunch of pictures to tell a story was probably the most fun though. I did not change blog themes at all throughout this whole challenge. i have 5 widgets. They're a translator, a voki, a music player, a cluster, and a blog action day badge. I think that 5 is a good amount because any more and it might get to be too much.

She thought it was very well organized and written, also it was good that i kept up with it and didn't just ignore it. My Voki thing captured her attention just for the fact of it being a person that moves with your cursor. My music was the thing that stuck out to most people on there because they didn't know where it was coming from and then you'd have to show them. She said I could maybe update it a little more and be a little more appropriate because there are other little kids that go on here.

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